Hi my loves, today is the second to last day of February, meaning, on March 1st, My mom & I will be starting the 30 day blog challenge! This means posting 1 blog, everyday, for 30 days (1 month)! Are you ready? I know I am!!

I will be posting the list of topics tomorrow at 2pm. (central time)

Have a good day/night My L❤️VES

~Calina Marie ❤


DIY #1: 2019 Mutual Theme Bracelets

Credits: seeing dandy.com

What you’ll need:

-letter cube beads

-wire expandable bangles

What you’ll do:

-use needle nose pliers to bend the end of the wire and open the bracelet

-thread beads onto bracelet

-bend wire back down to create a “box” around your letters.

Hey Guys!!<3

This is our very first post!!

First Things First:

AHCksjh:IQJXOZUIPGWlkeiqrasdjfmo 9nrpistufkm;tpnirehugos;dcjemq]wOA”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. Glad to get that of my chest… Hi! I am super excited to get started with this blog/ advice center. ‘You have the right to relax’ is about the struggle of being a woman in America, and ways to overcome it with fun, creative activities, like DIY’s. (just so we don’t lose our minds).

{First things first… Let’s just put this out there, Boys. Are. Dumb. We all know that. You know it, I know it, Your sister knows it, Your mom knows it, Your grandma, Your aunt, Your neighbor, Your dog, We all know it. It’s inevitable. But, just because their ALL dumb, doesn’t mean their all STUPID. Some are smart. Most are smart. You don’t have to be stupid to be dumb. Today’s date is February 26, 2019. {2/26/19}. Me and My mom {This website’s other main blogger} were listening to episode 195 of ‘Goal Digger: The Podcast’ By: Jenna Kutcher, and she was talking about how she mentioned (keep in mind that we are on episode 195 and this mentioning is on episode 1) “I will only be guesting WOMEN on this podcast” and then later mentioned that she see’s men pitching for her podcast almost DAILY.

Question:Why is that an issue?

Answer: BECAUSE!!, The ONLY reason they even tried is because of the appealing attraction of FAME. Yes, thats right, FAME. The sight of “#1 PODCAST OF 2018” is MORE attracting than a magnet to a Fame-seeking man. They won’t even take 30 minutes of their day to TRY to get to know the author and her audience for the sake of showing that you give a care in the world. So, instead they click and pitch because of the followers and FAME (here’s that word again. ugh.), when they could save us all a fit and just not click at all, because honestly, you’re wasting our time. 🙄🤦‍♀️

So, in conclusion of today’s post, men are fame-seeking, rude, ignorant, attention-thirsty, monsters. {Sometimes. :), now, keep in mind, not all people are as horrible, reckless, and rude as I just described. But they can be.

Have A Good Day My L❤️VES!!

~Calina Marie ❤